Genesis Archery Easy Tune Cams
Genesis G3 Cams
The Best, Most Accurate Cams on the Market Today
Genesis precision made G3 three groove cams
Genesis Cams have Zero Nock effect. Yes, you read that correctly. These cams have NO nock movement vertically or horizontally. If you are serious about archery, you know how important this is. We custom craft each cam and inspect it before it leaves our property as part of a perfectly matched set. Genesis cams are built with such precision that you can time the cams, reverse them, and they will stay in perfect time. And they are as fast as Nitrous X cams. G3 features include:

  • Each pair of cams is perfectly matched. We make them, so we know.
  • Round working stretches on both string and power side, making for a very smooth force draw curve that stores less energy under the curve, but recovers more energy because of efficiency. SMOOTHER, FASTER, MORE STABLE. There is absolutely NO handle jar.
  • Machined timing ramps or stops for easy timing and tuning. You can customize the adjustment to your own bow.
  • Machined foot to control the over-travel of the bow string, preventing over rotating the cam's sweet spot.
  • Designed to use with the 4-string system, or 4 pigtails and a machine separator and 2 long looping power strings (spreaders attach below the pig tail separator).
  • As in all precision crafted tools, one size does NOT fit all. Cams have no modules for drawlength and are thus machined in the following sizes: 2" - 2.25" - 2.50" - 2.75" - 3" - 3.25" - 3.50". This covers all bow lengths and draw lengths. All cams are about 58% drop off.
  • G3 Cams will interchange with any 2 cam bow and will increase both speed and stability.
Genesis G3 Cams come in a variety of sizes

Price per Pair of G3 3 Groove Cams $185.00
(Pig Tails and Spreaders not included)

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