Customize Your System With Genesis Archery
GENESIZE Your System With a Genesis control system


Ship us your bow for a Genesis customization

You may have spent over a thousand dollars for a pretty good looking bow, but find you have to continually compensate for an inferior control system. Those spiffy looking cams that are supposed to "build and hold power" end up being temperamental, effected by temperature changes and string elongation.

Why settle for less performance than your bow is capable of giving you with a Genesis mod job? Improve your accuracy and performance by customizing your system the Genesis way!

We do more that just customize your control system; we Genesize your favorite 2-wheel compound with Genuine Genesis Parts.

Ship your bow to us and we will add two perfectly matched Genesis 3 Cams, 4 Pig Tails, 2 Separators, and then time your bow for perfect balance -- a heck of a bargain for only $250 (plus shipping).

Customize your bow for only $250 (plus shipping)


Genesize KitBuy Our GENESIZE KIT and Customize Your Favorite Bow Yourself

Kit includes: 2 precision G3 Cams (standard .750 width on bearings), 4 Pigtails and 2 Separators. (Click to see larger image.)

Genesize Custom Kit: $200.00

Genesis G3 Cams will improve your bow
Genesis Strings are strong and durable
Order today and Don will be making your strings
Demand the Best!