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Special Internet Price: $450.00 per pair!
(Good through January 1, 2009. Normally $550 per pair)

An incredible limb--light, but strong.Light...strong...milled to exacting tolerances...

Read more about the fabulous new Starfire Recurve limb here
Don with the 2008 Starfire Recurve limbs

Weissert Pin Chart

Easy to use mylar scale that allows for quick adjustment when pin shooting

Only $6.00

V-Bar mounted

Precisely tune your bow to the balance and feel you want by adjusting each side. Shown with 8" 5 Star Ultra Light Stabilizers

V-Bar mounted, side view

Tunability for each individual rod, unlike competing products that tune both rods together. Comes with Quick Disconnects.

Just $125.00

Custom Split Cable System

The Genesis split steel cable system is custom made with short, fast flight pig-tail for attaching to cam and tuning. Spreaders are made of 6061 aluminum.


• No month to month site changes
• Better aiming and control
• No cable guards
• Increase speed by approximately 11 feet per second
• Less wheel lean
• Will install on any fast flight wheel or cam

Just $110.00

Nock End Repair Tool

• Trues nock end of arrow
• Smooths out nicks
• Fits all sizes - 1616 to 2216
• Grooves nock end, allowing replacement with or without glue - just screw new nock on!
• Quality product made to last in the USA

Patent #4,866,810

Only $12.95

Genesis Quick Disconnect

• Attach or change your stabilizer or fishing rod with a single twist
• Manufactured from precision machined Delrin to absorb energy
• Extremely durable and dependable
• Works on all stabilizers
• Will NOT vibrate loose
• A simple twisting action allows rapid removal from your bow...and quick reconnection
• Perfect alignment every time

Only $14.95

10-degree drop angleGenesis Quick Disconnect
10-degree Down Angle

Same great features of our standard Quick Disconnect, only with the 10-degree down angle.

Only $14.95


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