Genesis Archery Compound Bows
Presenting a beautiful collaboration bow from Don Kudlacek and Robert Beneteau

Specs and features for the 2011 QuadFire

  • axle to axle  34 to 35”
  • brace height 8 3/8” (depending on the preload on the limbs)
  • 13” limbs with a custom taper both in thickness and width to make the limb move in a vertical direction instead of moving back 
  • using the flexible beam material that Gordon composites manufactures the limb design can be controlled.
  • Don Kudlacek grinds the limbs in matched pairs to a thickness at a special point for limb weight
  • we don’t use the old way of measuring deflection because it is simply not precise enough.
  • the bow weight is 4 pounds
  • the g 3 cams give a perfect center line with zero vertical and lateral movement
  • the bow will shoot a large variance of spined arrows
  • field pt. and bh. shoot the same given they are the same weight.

For orders and inquires please contact Robert Beneteau at
Or phone 519/736.1209

Mailing address:

627Richmond St.
Ontario, Canada   n9v3y4.


  • anodized $750 plus shipping (direct sales only)
  • film dip camo slightly higher
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