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GENESIS international target SIGHT

Genesis Int. Target SightNo Clicks, No Locks...Sight Will NOT Move Even Under Harsh Conditions

  • Adjustable adjustment scope for optimum eye relief
  • Designed with 5-land high helix screw in Delrin Base
  • By keeping the base sight close to the riser and extending the Scope and third axis forward on two carbon rods, this sight will NOT move
  • Large adjusting knob with stops to keep any creep out
  • Smooth movement
  • Both lateral and vertical adjustment are the same
  • Level adjustment
  • Adjustment indicators for both sides of scope
  • 4" or 8" bars
  • 10/24 Nylon tipped set screws on vertical & horizontal block for tension adjustment

>> Genesis International Target Sight $275.00

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Genesis Int. Sight
Genesis Int. Sight




Experts Agree!

Genesis Adjustable Control Peep Sight"The Adjustability of the Genesis Adjustable Control Peep allows the Peep aperture to always remain perfectly circular. The average human eye can detect 1-2% changes in light level, with even small rotations with all other Peep designs, you can easily be losing 25-30% of available light.

"The constantly circular Peep aperture eliminates the diffractive "fuzz" you experience with all other designs. You will be amazed at the clarity with 6x, 8x, even 10x scope objectives without the use of a clarifier Peep lens."

>>Dr. Greg Webster, Optometric Physician
    (Freestyle State, Sectional Champion and National Seniors Champion)


Available in four sizes:
     • 1.1  mm
     • 1.55 mm
     • 2.2  mm
     • 4.4  mm

Genesis Adjustable Peep Sight $9.95

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