Complete Genesis Systems

The Genesis Archery Complete StarFire System

Get your own custom-made Genesis System!
Includes the following:

  • One Genesis StarFire Compound Bow
    Shoot-through design with beam construction, extremely strong, no torque adjustable (front-to-back) grip.
  • International Target Sight
    Designed with no locks or clicks to keep in place. By keeping the base sight close to the riser and extending the scope and third axis forward on two carbon rods, the sight will not move. (Pictured below left)
  • 4x4 OR 5 Star Stabilizer
    Designed specifically to shoot with the Genesis Starfire Compound. (Pictured below right)

Best Price: $950.00

Don With Star Fire
Don Kudlacek with Starfire Bow
International Target Sight
5 Star Stabilizer

Special for Bow Hunters

Customize your old two cam hunting bow into a high performance precision killing machine with the Genesis 3 Groove Cam and Split System.

  • greater penetration
  • greater speed
  • great brodhead flight
  • zero nock travel
  • field point or brodhead, no change in in arrow flit over 100 yards
  • better arrow flit and performance
  • practice with field points, change over to brodhead's, no tuning or sight changes

$250.00 plus shipping

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